The “One bar : One tree” logo for Original Beans gives an excellent insight into the company’s environmental credentials.  Founder Philipp Kauffmann comes from generations of environmentalists and explorers and he left his job at the UN to start Original Beans.  As a company they are passionate about sustainable farming and since 2008 have replanted over 1 million trees in remote corners of the globe.  Each bar has a code on it that you can enter on their website to find out more about conservation efforts in the rainforest your bar came from.

We were particularly impressed that they have showed such a commitment to their positive eco footprint that all the outer packaging on their bars can be safely composted in your garden.

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Original Beans trade directly with small holder farmers & co-operatives, ensuring that their product has full traceability.

To find out more visit Original Beans website

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Their products receive rave reviews from chocolate tasters around the world and have won many awards in the industry.  Here in the office, we know the high end ‘creamy Swiss Chocolate taste’ that is prevalent in all their bars makes it very easy to snap off another piece (or two!)

New Zealand Chef & Restaurateur Peter Gordon is just one of the chefs to rave about Original Beans on the video below.   Chefs – please email us for prices & samples of Original Beans chocolate.

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