Ocho – The Otago Chocolate Company – was founded by Liz Rowe, an artist and journalist, who admits she was ‘sidetracked’ by chocolate.  We’re happy to admit that we’ve been sidetracked by chocolate too.   What a great detour the world of chocolate is.   Liz is dedicated to making small batch, artisan chocolate and her products are well thought out and innovative.   She is an advocate of the 2 ingredient rule when making real chocolate.  Her chocolate bars contain only raw cacao and cane sugar.   In addition she sells a Pepper & Spice bar which is flavoured with Horopito leaf and Kakakawa berries.  She has also thought about those on a low sugar diet.  She makes her revelation bar 77% as a sugar free bar replacing sugar with Stevianna.

Liz’s chocolate is available on her site http://ocho.co.nz/

Liz talking to the Otago Daily Times about her new products

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