We could happily fill several pages here with all the incredible photos we have from new chocolate maker based in North Eastern Brazil.  Here are just a few:-



Luisa Abram is a family business, newly set up in 2014, that create wonderful chocolate using cacao solely sourced from the Purus River valley in the Brazilian Amazon.   The chocolate is rich, dark and full of so many flavours.  Each time we try a bite another flavour pops out.   We found their bars to be an intense, nutty, smoky, fruity reminder of a walk in the rainforest.      Their products are unique, make suberb gifts and we know the company will receive lots of praise from the industry over the next few years.  We’re delighted to be their first New Zealand importer and we look forward to working with Abram and Luisa over the coming months and watch with interest as their passion for wild cacao develops their range of products further.



luisa-abram bars