Crafted in Tuscany, Italy, by Cecilia Tessieri and her team, Amedei chocolate wins lots of awards.  Cecilia is widely known as the first female chocolatier in the world, beginning making chocolate in 1990 and founding Amedei in 1998, she still maintains control over the bean to bar production of their meticulously crafted chocolate.  As a team they strive for perfection and they are often thought of as the ‘Prada’ or ‘Versace’ of the Chocolate world.  They make smooth, balanced chocolate bars of impeccable taste, favouring quality over quantity.  Indeed some of their bars are limited editions.

We will be tasting and adding to our Amedei chocolate range over the coming months – keep an eye out for more bars coming soon.

Link to Amedei website

Could Amedei make the World’s Best Chocolate?